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Tony Munter Whistleblower Attorney
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Washington , District of Columbia, 20004

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Whistleblower Lawyer Tony Munter has spent his career representing the courageous individuals who report fraud committed against the government. Mr. Munter uses the Qui Tam provisions in both state and federal False Claims Act to advocate for the interests of his clients. Tony Munter has filed whistleblower cases in federal jurisdictions, state courts as well as with the IRS whistleblower office for tax fraud.

Mr. Munter has successfully litigated cases against defendants in the health care industry, defense industry, as well as the financial industry. Tony Munter has also conducted seminars on the Federal False Claims Act,  Mr. Munter’s years of experience allow him insight into the process of False Claims Act cases, and help in protecting the rights of whistleblowers.


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Washington D.C.
Federal District Court of the District of Columbia
Federal District of Massachusetts
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals